The debut recording of Joe Bourdet, twin singles ‘Seamist’ and ‘El Capitan,’ will be released on a limited run vinyl 45rpm disc, and digitally worldwide on Jan. 5th 2018 along with an accompanying music video by director Chris Rady.


Musician Joe Bourdet is operating somewhere within the definition of a California singer-songwriter and one gets the impression that it’s comfortable territory for the Golden State native. The music of his debut release reveal first loping, then driving acoustic guitars, delicate harmony vocals cascading into intertwining slide guitar lines, and all laid out in a bed of tastefully executed rhythms and textures (The sublime George Sluppick of Memphis TN is on drum duties here). Lyrical themes involve pastoral imagery, betraying a love for California’s Sierra Nevada range. They also contain a subtle existential subtext, as if the music presented is that of a seeker, one perceiving beauty, reaching for something that can't be fully articulated or understood, and that that’s OK. 


Also a producer and engineer, Joe Bourdet is responsible for much of the production duties on his records supplemented by long time collaborator engineer/guitarist Jason Soda.

Joe Bourdet is from Nevada City CA.  He currently resides in Los Angeles CA.  

Credits include two full-length albums with the band Whispering Pines, an album with the band Painted Hills led by the late great Josh Schwartz, and an early stint as guitarist for artist/producer Jonathan Wilson. His works as a composer include the musical soundtracks for the films 'Patagonia Trips #Yuki_Surf' and 'Fishing for Unicorns.'  Additionally, his music has appeared in the TV series 'Dusk Till Dawn,' 'Damages,' 'Franklin and Bash,' and a documentary about the legendary venue ‘Pappy and Harriet’s’ near Joshua Tree National Park called 'The Pioneertown Palace.' 

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