This is the master quality 24bit / 96k .WAV file of El Capitan.  It is the resolution that the song was recorded in and therefore the highest resolution that can ever be made available.  You will hear the music as we did whilst making it.

El Capitan - 24/96 High Resolution Download

SKU: JB-0003
  • This is the master quality 24bit / 96k .WAV file of El Capitan. 


    The Players are:

    George Sluppick -Drums

    Brian Filosa -Bass

    Jason Soda -Acoustic Guitar

    Mimi Michel -Vocal

    Tim Walker -Pedal Steel

    Vic Martin -Fender Rhodes Piano


    Engineering: Jason Soda & Joe Bourdet

    Recorded at Palomino Sound & Mountain Sounds Recorders, Los Angeles CA.

    Mastering: Mark Chalecki

    Photography: Sara Ross-Samko

    Art/Design: Ryan Baine

    Thank you Leigh, Mike Bonnington, Chris Dennis, James Trussart, Daniel McCoy, Nathan Van Halla, Christian Williams, Mom & Dad


Mountain Sounds Recorders.   Music by Joe Bourdet © 2020 all rights reserved unless otherwise credited.