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Highway 49 is called the golden chain highway and connects numerous tiny hamlets as it weaves through the river canyons of the California gold country. This is the area where Joe Bourdet spent his youth, and it provided the formative images which inspire his music, and music for Joe has always been a family affair.  It began with growing up around the humor and warmth of great San Francisco jazz trumpeter Jack Minger, and with being taught playground and jump rope songs by Jack’s granddaughter, Fannie.  He was intrigued too as a youngster to see his mother Marilyn play and sing Red River Valley, once and only once as he recalls.  As a teenager, he was permanently loaned a guitar, and encouraged to play by his uncle, Mike Bonnington.  The instrument gave Joe an escape from a typically awkward High School experience and ultimately became a lifelong pursuit.  From his father, Al, he learned a love of all things mechanical and the value of working with one's hands. This do-it-yourself mentality served Joe well, leading him to be equally involved in the technical aspects of music making as well as the artistic. He restores, customizes, and tunes to taste his guitars, instruments, amplifiers, and recording equipment, viewing them all as an extension of the personality he strives to put into the music.  Learning recording technique first from dear friend, collaborator, and fellow guitar maniac Jason Soda, then professionally through a stint as a film sound recordist, Joe learned to produce and record music of his own, and now increasingly so, that of others.  In 2021, Joe released his debut album, titled Meadow Rock.  He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA, where his recording studio is called Mountain Sounds Recorders.  Joe performs with his group The El Capitan Band, a loose group of friends who were involved in the making of the Meadow Rock album, who come together to bring those songs, and more, to the stage. 

Based in Los Angeles, CA
From Nevada County, CA
Genre: #FolkRock  #Americana #Singer/Songwriter 
Independent Studio/Label: Mountain Sounds Recorders


“Joe Bourdet writes in dreamscape throwback 70s folk styles, and splendid high end electric guitar solos abound”  -Melissa Clarke for Americana Highways

“Joe Bourdet is a highly accomplished acoustic and electric guitarist (he cites George Harrison, Joe Walsh, Duane Allman and David Lindley as his main influences), a proud possessor of one of those special, tuneful, versatile and deeply mellow southern Californian voices, and he’s chosen a set of formidable, deeply talented and like-minded musicians …In the wise words of Martin Ruddock of Shindig Magazine, Meadow Rock is “The most chilled thing not served over ice.”  I couldn’t agree more.  And, what’s more, it’s a sheer delight to listen to.” -John Barlass, At The Barrier

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