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Los Angeles, CA. -  Mountain Sounds Recorders offers a myriad of services to musicians, and also to the film and TV industry (Local IATSE 695).

The Label - created for the purpose of releasing the Meadow Rock LP and currently overseeing the manufacturing and promotion of high resolution digital and analog media such as vinyl records and cassettes.  Exploring new media like MQA encoding for Tidal Masters and MQA-CD.  Working with partners Horus Music Limited to distribute digital media to worthy outlets.

The Studio - 16 track simultaneous digital recording,  2 track analog reel-to-reel tape recording, and much higher track counts with Protools overdubbing.  Vintage instruments, guitars, keyboards, drums.  Hand selected German and Austrian microphones. Custom preamps made in house based on Deane Jensen open source opamp design.  Recently specializing in remote overdubs for various projects.  Inquire below! 

Location Recording - IATSE 695 - 8 Track mobile recorder, Schoeps and Sennheiser mics. Wireless RX/TX. 

Repair and Modification (on a case by case basis and subject to time availability)- Guitar and bass setup and modification. Tube amplifier servicing. Custom microphone preamps.  Studio electronics re-capping and upgrade.    

Direct inquiries to:

323 605-9577

  Based in Los Angeles, CA

-Recording Studio
-Location Recording
-Record Label
-Audio Instrument and equipment repair and modification
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